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One of the most common questions i get in my talks is, what is and should be the purpose of life.

Whenever i get a complex question, i try to examine it from various angles. Not just one. Purpose of life is a fairly open ended abstract concept where there may be different answers and understanding from everyone.

My goal with this writing is to try to find one purpose, that can serve as a guiding principle. So that that purpose fits in for everyone. Fitting for everyone , sounds like a dictum and bold statement. But with all humbleness i am going to explain why i think it fits with everyone and in what extreme cases it will not.

And like i always say, to untangle the complex concepts, we have to cover it from various angles and degrees.

Let’s begin

Some questions we should disucss to really understand the purpose would be

  • Is there a purpose of life?
  • Should there be a purpose of life?
  • What’s wrong with having no purpose

Once we answer these questions, we must also question the purpose some people make

  • I want to save my religion/region/land –
  • I want to save XYZ
  • I want to create discover XYZ goal.
  • I want to attain an XYZ degree,
  • I want to create next biggest SOFTWARE product.
  • I want to make films, tell stories.
  • I want to be popular.
  • I want to keep people/person happpy.

Many people confuse goals with purpose. Goals are about action, purpose is about being


The moment you see goals and purpose as different concepts, you will have majority of your goals separated from the purpose.

The purpose of life in my opinion is simply to have a good time.


The above statement might sound too simple to make any profound meaning. It may sound ambiguous and open ended. It Probably does not give enough clarity on what it really means.

So let me explain WHY i think “having good time” should be the purpose, HOW you can have a good time and last but not the least WHAT exactly means having a good time.

Problem with goals seen as purpose

One of the biggest problem when you make goals as purpose is you are always on a war mode,action mode. Which is also ok unless until it takes away yours and others well being.

What’s the point of living a life with pain that you cannot bear, with agony and not reaching anywhere?

Goals are about the end, and not the journey. The problem there is the journey might not be pleasant to reach that goal. I also notice that goals once achieved lose their charm in a short while.

If you work hard to buy a new car, you spend years toiling and working hard to make money

The logic of simple purpose

When you make having good time the sole purpose. What this essentially means is no matter what the situation you remember that


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