I am Priyank – I am Nobody!

Don’t trust… know…

Don’t believe… find out!

I don’t and never like to cite my experience, knowledge or achievements in a discussion or debate.

Often we believe/trust people because of the credentials they bring in! One must listen to everyone but accept only the facts,logic and rationale.

I think those degrees, qualifications are used to defy thinking and get to the conclusions faster.

We are here to think, and that’s why this is not something we do here.

Truth should vindicate and stand for itself and should not need support of proxy authorotative instruments like degrees, qualifications, testimonials.

Consider me as most failed, inexperienced person you have ever come across. I am a simple guy and failed at quiet a number of times in my life. And i don’t even consider failure a bad thing.

And once you see me not as an authority but still validate my opinions. This will mean that there was real good meaning in what i said.

And that’s all that is important!

I am not a guru

I don’t want to come across as guru. I think heirarchy is a problem.I am not an expert of anything either. I am an explorer and tinkerer at best.

In a disucssion i am consider myself to be just someone who is another person who is bringing his perspective. And by no means speaking the final say.

And this might sound like i want to appear as cool. But i know for a fact that, the day i do this, i will stop learning, and growing.

What is thinkovert exactly?

It is a scribble pad. Of never ending thoughts, questions, observations about the most complex questions about life. That inner talk, that revelations we have when we are living in imaginations.

Thinkovert is a place where i share them with the world.

What’s my purpose with thinkovert?

Thinkovert is my thinking journal. The more i write here, and research. The more clarity i got in my own thinking.

I have a terrible executive function and cannot carry on a project if it does nt give me a sense of purpose. Money does nt count a lot, especially if its long to come by.

So i continued with this project and today, it stands with more than 1000 deep researched articles, hundreds of memes and several reprots, theories and books. All coming through my random ramblings.

Thinkovert is helping me the most, and even if i am the only one reading this project. It still gives me enough ROI of the time and effort i put into this.

I share my knowledge with the aim to reduce suffering in the world. If this is helping me, it should/might help others as well.

This blog does not want to rank high on google for keywords. It does not want to get journalistic awards. It does not want to get page views. But give clarity to people so as to reduce pain and deprivation. And make world a better, propser and less toxic place.

What made me think?

Ignorance is bliss…… Until we hit the ground!

I think philosophy is a natural progression and the moment we have a crisis we can either fight or flight. Impediment to action becomes the action. Lack of thinking leads to loss or crisis and that drives thinking.

When we are feeling stuck or low, we ponder over situations. That was one of the reasons i sstarted thinking. Started questioning WHYs of life.

But this was not it. As i started thinking out of compulsion, but eventually i had my AHA moments and then came the JOY of thinking.

The moment i have some clarity and dots connected. i feel a terribly rewarding joyful YUREKA moment. And that’s what keeps me addicted to thinking.

I strongly believe, that thinking can liberate us from pain and agony. Yes, It might not be able to give us solutions to every problem but it can help us in coping up and definitely check out possibilities and clarity to manage, develop and lead a prosperous life.

Money through this blog?

I won’t say that i don’t want money, but i don’t want money to drive this project. That is one promise that i want to make to myself. And write it here so i adhere to it as much as possible.

Also because i have had a pretty terrible relationship with money and working for money. Money works much better for me if i work for JOY and not for the money itself. So i am no saint , mind you!

But yes, my promise stands. Money is not, and should not be the driving force of this project.

I think, thinking can help the human race. It is critical for human race to think rationally because we have the most power amongst of all the animals.

To ensure that we use this power for betterment of our own and people around us, it is very important that we THINK.

Connect with me

I am always eager to get questions. Because questions to me means i am able to connect with the reader at some level. That’s why question arose. Also, questions also lead me to think and sometimes notice something that i missed earlier.

You can connect me on these platforms. I am considering putting my email and contact form here as well soon. So you will be able to shoot any doubts/clarifications queries direclty.


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