Let us think!

There are few propositions of this project.

Its a natural trancription of my thoughts as it came to me. How my mind would wander, from to another. The automated thoughts and the observations and the connecting of the dots.

we discuss Everything!

Thinking is one skill that can be applied to every aspect of life. That’s why we discuss everything and try to identify the patterns that exist in thinking.

And also, on how we can try to find a more rational way of thinking. To build clarity!

The aim? to have a better life!

Features of this project

Incompleteness and imperfectness.

Perfection is boring, and scares me most times. I find imperfection beautiful, natural. Perfection is closely remnescence of civilized humans and is mostly unnecessary, scary and boring.

Everything’s connected

Life is a whole package, not a single aspect but everything is connected. One just cannot build a solid, complete understanding by not observing how the whole equation is working for someone.

So we put everything here, and discuss that and find correlations and causations. To build better understanding of life and thought process.

The thought process

Sometimes we cannot lead to conclusions, facts and the only thing we can do is think through things. That’s what we do here.


a lot of things are repeated from different perspectives. More the perspectives, the better the clarity.So you will find a lot of topics being talked about again.

Thinkovert is like a forest of thoughts, different type of topics, beings, questions come together to build a whole ecosystem of thinking.


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