About this project

Parinda means a bird.

its a collection of thoughts, idea stream of thought.




case studies

Goal of Parinda project

It is same as purpose of life. To have a good time.

How can we have a good time?
Well there can probably be a million ways to have a good time. But we cannot have a good time when we are making mistakes, taking wrong decisions. Being at the wrong place and continuing being there.

So it is imperative, to think, and take action sometimes to make things better for us. So that we can have a good TIME. Because, we can be happy ONLY when we are NOT in misery, not in pain. Especially emotional pain and agony.

the primary purpose of this project is to learn and observe life. To initate a thinking process, so as to UNDERSTAND and bring CLARITY to take better decisions. So that we can

Future of parinda project



  • Nazar Vicharki (the thoughts)
    – the diary is the journey and random rumblings. and how everything’s connected to simplest concepts.
  • The soul
  • guidelines


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