The Jungle binary moods theory

I have read hundreds of books on psychology, and there of course, is a comprehensive list of moods and mental states. I think its a complicated way of understanding human behavior.

As i went on reading, and obversing i have come up with a very simple framework to understand myself and people around me.

Binary moods/mindset – A simple way to understand human nature

I spent a lot of time in life being isolated from the world. Alone, solitary. That kind of gave me time to immerse into topics, read them. This was kind of like ecstacy you get from a drug.

I read hundreds of books and watched several movies. Stories fascinated me. I observed people and questioning why people are the way they are!

And i started connecting the dots on the MAP of the puzzle of life which i was trying to understand

I learnt that almost everything about human brain can be rooted down or categorized into TWO modes.

I call it Binary human moods.

In computers, binary means off or on. Its almost like Negative or positive. Whole computer system programs are basically a combination of a big chunk of binary code.

Though it might sound like a very simple thing, but trust me it is profound especially to manage emotions.

Its strength lies in the fact that it is so simple. You don’t need to do a lot to remember this. And when you have this framework in your thinking arsenal, you can reduce your pain and live a better life.

The core basis of this frame is that Humans and animals basically have two modes, just like computer’s binary. One is positive and one is negative.

Every other emotion is a derivative of the other two.

Type 0 MOOD – “. the happy mode, I am safe and everything’s allright”

Type 1 MOOD – ” The scared mode, There’s something wrong going to happen”

Here’s a general example explaining the contrast amongst these moods.

I have found that everything about human brain and behavior can be classified in either of the two. This also gives a very clear insight on how to deal with those certain emotions.

Type 0 Mindset
The Happy / carefree Mode – The green mode

They know that there is bad in the world, they find their little joys and are generally happy.

Finding joy in little things.

Generally relaxed

Abundance mindset, share easily.

Playful, not concerned about “materialistic” outcomes.

Believe in Sharing

Less is more for them, and they are content

Enjoy life’s , little things, although they may disagree with certain things, and also criticize them, but they won’t let anything bother them

Filled with Love and gratitude

Believe in things

They do things without worrying much. They are better action takers.

They are inclusive/liberal

They tend to be free thinkers, and don’t become slave of a system or person. They would leave a job if it causes them stress.

Dont mind taking risk

Encourage creativity

they are usually leftists/liberals

Type 1 Mindset
The scared / stealth mode – The red mode

They think, world is a terrible place.

Running after materialistic pleasures.

Generally worried, concerned about losses

Scarcity mind, calculative.

Always thinking about output – concerned about the result.

Calculative, always think what they will get in return before giving

They always feel they have less and depressed about it.

Are happy in surviving, and always yearning for more. For them, happiness is a distant goal and something that’s not with them and are always criticizing, finding loopholes

Filled with anger and doubts

They procastinate important tasks, esp if the stakes are high.

Avoid taking risk

These are conservative, they want to protect the culture and usually afraid of others violating their purity.

Don’t encourage creativity, don’t like failures.

Do not entertain risk, rather want certainty.

Support right wing

Now it is imperative to

Origins and Roots of these modes, where they come from

These two human modes root down to our ancestral history. Primal humans lived in jungles and wild for a majority part of their evolution before settling down in villages and cities.

Fear is essential for survival. But today we fear things , that are not really ESSENTIAL.

Now what do I mean by that?

Well, today our heart beat pounds to attend an interview. Well, its just a job, its not our life at stake.

Yeah, i mean we look at jobs as survival tools which they kind of are. But are they really that critical as if we are in front of a wild animal or drowning in the sea?

In today’s modern world we connect job with our survival. We have exact same emotions, as the stone age man, jumping from the cliff into the water to save himself.

The goal of this framework, is to not daemonize type 1 red mood. But to highlight how we allow too much type 1 mood into our lives and how it degrades our quality of life.

I see more and more people in type 1 moods these days. That of course includes me. But now i am trying to minimize the type 1 inside me and question whenever type 1 creeps in. Is it really required? or justified?

One thing this framework has given me is a quick anchor to hold on to when i am drowning and overwhelmed in a situation.

This also helps me understand people better. And why they act and react the way they do.

The goal is to be happier and really use this framework think and act to situation and not just react instincively which is usually wrong.

Am I stereotyping? Am i putting people in boxes? That someone is of a particular type and hence, doomed or otherwise?

No one person is purely one type, it changes from stage of life, age, and situation but some are more Type 1 than Type 0.

You may be more Type A in the morning than in the evening. Or in different situations. Someone has triggers.

Besides, if you are more type 1 then it is important to question and analyze your situation. There’s a good chance that you don’t have a sense of happiness and fulfillment in your life.

Nobody is purely one type, but yes some people are more of one type than another

Most people have more of one type than another. And the more we are stepping into the modern world. The STEALTH mode type mindset is increasing.

The reason is simple, modern lifestyles are designed to create a mindset of scarcity. The definition of survival is expanding and things that were nice to have, are now must haves. And that is a trap!

Most people chose a life of slavery in today’s time. They have the option to design a life that does not make them work like a slave . But they choose it. From overpriced homes, expensive education, luxury cars that they cannot afford.

Modern life structure has brought all of this into our survival list. And we do anything to achieve them. And this has serious repurcursions.

Besides, the whole advertising industry has led us to believe that we are average and useless without being great!

Is that was nt enough. With the advent of social media, people have started comparing themselves with others. Earlier the comparison was limited as direct contact was limited. But today, a person goes and see how his friend is enjoying a vacation in a luxury island while he is working overtime to survive.

That’s a perfect recipe for going into STEALTH type 1 mode.

I have been noticing these since very long and observing these type of personalities. Most of the content i have written on this blog, stems from this theory. Of course, this is just a theory and there are exceptions to this rule. But this theory gives a very good viewport to understand LIFE.

It explains why people act the way they act. And every aspect of human life branches out from these two aspects. From personal relationships, to governments, society, religion, most problems can be rooted to the RIGHT hand side of things. While the best things come on left hand side.

Am i anti type 1 ?

Mostly yes, i am not saying we need to be calculative or cautious at all. But its mostly overdone.

But our survival instincts force us to go into extremes of type A. Survival is the ultimate goal, without survival there’s nothing.

there’s a saying in Hindi,

“जान है तो जहां है ”

which translates to – if there’s life, there’s everything. Now i am not saying that we should nt be cautious, but we over do it and give more importance to things than they deserve.

And this leaves us burdened, anxious, depressed. This mindset is the root cause of mental imbalances. And once we control this mindset, everything else will fix itself.

How we become more of one TYPE

The environment we grew up with makes a lot of impact on weather we are type 0 or type 1. The kind of stories we hear, and the kind of things we saw our parents doing. Made us more of one type than other.

Happiness and relaxed environment begets type 0. Stress begets type 1. Abuse begets type 1.

Type 1 should exist in our lifes just in the ratio of a pinch in food.

How to use this framework to self development and have a better happier life

Understanding brings us in better control. What we know and understand, we manage it better.


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