Is it Worthwhile?

In this article :

  • How are you spending your time?
  • What are you doing and why?
  • Should you do what you are doing?
  • How to check what we should do is worthwhile or not!

What is the most precious thing in the world?

Health, money? happiness? relationships, cars, buildings, bank balance?

Well no. None of them!

I think the PRIME and the most important thing in the world, is TIME. If you don’t have time, everything else is basically pointless.

You can own the most precious diamond, in the world. The best happiness, the best relationships.But if you do not have the time to relish them. It is meaningless. You might be married to the most beautiful woman in the world. But you are not allowed to be with her, then its as good as nothing.

One can gain health. You know, eat well, exercise and make it better. One can improve on happiness, do things they like, change perspectives and what not.

Of course, beyond a point you cannot

But one thing you CANNOT do is turn back time.

If you loose 10 years of your life making money, you cannot use that money to buy back the time once lost.

So if i have to rank, the things that are imporatant to sustain a good life, i would say i should be VERY VERY aware about how i am spend gTIME.

How are you spending time?

Doing nothing

Doing thing that helps you spend time in a better way

Caught up in essentialities

Common ways of loosing time

I see many people being mindless about time. They don’t see time as a precious thing, they don’t value it as much as they should. They spend their time doing things that are probably far less value.

Degrees, schools and colleges


They don’t even see time as something they should count or value. And it can have big negative impact to the overall quality of life.

How to calculate

Method 1

Is it an asset or a liability

Good time is not subject to material

You think you can travel when

Focus on the meaning

the soul of good time – the real meaningful things

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  • purpose of life


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