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These talks happen on discord, whatsapp and out community platform.

What’s unique about our workshops?

  • Workshops by nobody!
    Nobody? Yes! more often than not, degrees, certificates, media clippings testimonials are created to “sell” a service. I do not believe in sharing my credentials because i think, anyone listening to me should NOT listen to me because i have a credential or testimonial.

    the moment you trust someone (from the glass of authority) there’s a good chance, you are following without thinking things for yourself.
  • FREE to join (gift culture)
    workshops on thinkovert is free, unless there is something specific one-to-one session that requires some manual work. Sharing of knowledge is and should be free according to me. At least on this project.

    You can also choose to “compensate” by your services, expertise, or contributing with your work.
  • Lead you to journey, not the destination,
    We don’t tell you what is the right answer. We will only assist you in finding what is the right answer.

    Our workshops are designed in such a way, where YOU teach yourself, through your own experiences on what is right. Rather than we telling what is right or wrong. I will only be assisting you in the process, of reaching there. And not spoon feeding you.

Upcoming workshops

thinking slow – think and act do not react

Obsession with Certainty

Rationalize survival

what is your definition of survival? Why creating this test is necessary?

Relaxing/free time workshop

importance of free time, how much free time you have, what keeps you busy? time table/overdoing/competition etc, benefits of free time, how are you going to have more free time. FEAR of uncertainty of survival , irrationally keeps us busy. or

Frugality – and minimalism

Fallacious arguments link
where does these arguements come from,

Inner talk Design workshop

Life design workshop (few weeks)

Reactions (decisions) driven by Feelings OR actions driven by thought
where we notice how we react because we feel anxious/fear and either attack the idea, negate, submit to authority. Overdo/engage complicate things. (disagreement, change, critic, validation, )

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