Topics n Categories

Parinda Philosophy

  • Why all topics in one place –
    he USP and need of it. – everything’s connected, repeatition and perspectives.
  • Rules and guidelines
  • The journey, purpose and aim of Parinda
  • Inspirations
  • Religion vs philsophy
  • Content License
  • I am “nobody” principle, not a guru, no one is invincible.

Priyank bio

  • credits and inspirations
  • stories
  • observations from life

Thinking as a skill

  • Decision making
  • Patterns in the world –
  • Equation
  • Communication
  • clarity
  • confidence

core Topics brain

  • imagination
  • survival
  • fear
  • certainty

  • Human behaviour
    • Binary human moods
    • made for jungle
  • Basic nature and human behavior
    • Toxic Culture
  • core emotions – survival, certainty etc

Human development

  • Stages of life
  • human development
  • childhood
  • learning
  • unlearning

Modern times

Tribal life style


  • money and its psychological implications


  • govt reviews
  • gov 2.0 ideas (also a project)


  • minimalism and slow living



Health And Innate healing


Marketing and advertising

The concept of selling

By content Format

  • Case studies
    real life case studies,
  • Conversations
    Conversations are a great interactive way of building an understanding around a topic.


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